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Thursday, June 12, 2008

All subjects should be in English medium

At beginning state, government had made a trial that Science and Mathematics should be learn in English. But after the decision had came out and declared by Ministry of Education…not 100% this approach was agreed by the people. There have certain groups of people that disagree with this. They think that, Mathematics and Science will burden to students, especially from rural areas.

But this is such an out-of-date thinking. The mentalities of Malaysian are always like that. The proof is, just look at the SPM`s result last year, students from rural areas also managed to excel and half of them are much better than urban students.

Nowadays, in globalization era…English is a very vital to master in it. We can say that, English is a second mother tongue. However, our own mother tongue also cannot be irreplaceable and we cannot ignore even forget it. English is an international global language and connecting language among the countries.

In a particular period, when British had colonized our country, they used English to spread out their propagation. And, when they form a school, the syllabuses are in English as well. So, there is no reason…we, as a youth cannot learn it and take it as challenge. Why not the History subject also converts into English? I found that, there are many advantages and outcomes when History is in English also.

We can promote our own story behind our country…where the names came from…memories events such as Independence Day and other important events that we should be proud of.

Otherwise, parents also had no problem to teach their children in English because long time ago, they also learn in English. They already had experiences in this matter. So, parents can play their roles to children.

In my own view, I totally supported government that all subjects should be in English medium. We can improve our English level and move toward to 2020 nation.

Last word from me…Practice make almost perfect…because if I am saying that, practice make perfect..we all already knew that, nobody`s perfect.

With that…assalamualaikum

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