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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dEbaTe 1-sH0uLd maLaySiaNs gIveN m0Re pUbLic h0LiDayS??

Assalamualaikum and good evening to everyone. We on behalf of negative side or in other word `against` out topic for today that is “Should Malaysians Given More Public Holidays”.

The answer is supposedly NO!

Now, we are going to present our reasons to support the answer.

There are pro and contra for each decision. For us, it`s already enough. As a multiracial country, every race has their own holidays. We already have a lot of public holidays. I`ve made the research…in 2008; we have 16 days of public holidays.

What is the point in more public holidays when people are forced to spend half of it in traffic jams or finding space on crowded places???

I think why don`t we should be looking into how to cut traffic jams as a priority…

As we know, when there`s holiday…most of the main roads are fully with vehicles. Then, there will be hyper extremely traffic jam. Many people will trapped on that way.

The smoke from those vehicles will pollute our air and will increase the level of air pollution. Not only that one, but noise…etc…and possibility there can be car accident also…many upcoming diseases will appear and attack our communities.

Would extra public holidays improve Malaysians productivity??

In my own view, once again the answer is NO!

Because when there`s more holidays…so, who`s going to work?

Our economy will slowly crack down due to large stores have to close. At the end, our country will flinch. The quality of workers also will drop down…workers cannot focus on their work.

I am sure that many private sector firms pay less than the government and give less holidays in order to stay competitive.

I think government sectors should take a cut in public holiday while the private sector should remain as it is. Besides, they got a pay rise and normally for professionals in the private sector.

We`ll used our left to sometimes go and settle our personal matters such as going to bank, post office…for paying bills.

Why don`t we just concentrate on our work and contribute to more productivity and better service to the public. For example, for doctors…just devote their services to the communities.

If there`s more holidays??

It will train our communities to be lazy to work…always want holidays. This is such a bad habit.

Pity to people who find their income at working day…and poor people in the retail trade.

Example, people who work at school canteen.

Basically, this kind of people came from low-in-rank standard. If there`s more holidays, then where they`ll get their income to support their families??

Their sources to get money have been limited.

We cannot just think about ourselves/selfish…we must think others feeling or situation also.

Next, more work will be hindered.

Example, difficult to deal with government departments such as bank, post office…

More people want to get job under government…private: no one interested…huhu…we must balancing them.

For students, their schedule of study will spoil. Learning will take a lot of time to finish the syllabus

Next, this is from my experience…for hostelisers, when they have holidays, they`ll have opportunity to back home.

Actually, students…I am guaranteed that, they`ll not studying or do the revision or homework…instead watching TV is compulsory..hehe…and then, sleep…loafing around.

Of course, it’s wasting time. As a saying goes, Time is Golden

In addition, it’s also wasting money..

Example, when parents take their children from hostel, I mean for someone who live far from school…

The cost to take them and send back to hostel…quite expensive.

Nowadays, the price of fuel had increasing.

Last but not least, just forget the idea of more public holidays. I am more preferred just give us more annual leave or shorter working hours. Most people don`t get to take public holiday off as there is no legal requirement to do so.