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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you are not making the progress you would like to make, and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.

In this small world, billions and millions people spend money to keep pets, while billions and millions of people are starving??

Spend for pets:

Animals also have feelings like us. Even they cannot talk, but they still have instinct to survive in this `cruel` world.

Examples: they cannot talk, hey..miss, plz give me some food, im starving…pity me..etc

We must understand their feelings. They also the creatures that made by God the Almighty…same as we.

In Quran also said that, we must take care of them. Do not take them as slaves, a place for losing temper, kick them, neglect them…that s so vicious.

Actually, by advocating pets, we also can get reward from God for good deeds. Pets can pay our deeds to them by be a guard or as a cheerer to us.

Examples: when we watched..TV shows, such as animal planet, planet funniest animal..or so on…it made us cheered, laughed, entertained. We enjoyed that shows.

For non-Muslims… a devote by be a guard. Examples: we heard headlines in the newspapers…`dog is a savior of the night`, `dog shielded his master`…

For Muslims: it has their own way. Such as, cats…they can devote for us by catch mice, cockroach…

People starving:

For this part, actually I’m lack of ideas..hehe..but just help them as we could. Donate some foods, clothes, medicines, and something else that maybe use for them.

Don`t just put the burdens into their shoulder at all. We must co-operate to help them. They just like us, a human that want to survive and live with peacefully. They just unfortunate people.. they are innocent. Pity them!


We need to balance in no matter ways…either animal or human..because they all have their feelings. We can`t be selfish. Just be kind to everything.

Remember, this Earth is not belonging to us. No matter what level rank of us..we just at par.



these cats so cute

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haha..i thought tht u wnt to give ur opinion bout my topic..hmm nver mind.thx