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Friday, June 13, 2008

Local Government Official

Promoting tourism at Lake Tarapoto – it is good way to generate much-needed income for the local communities.

Example: budget from tourist department/sector can be channel to other sectors - to deplete the level of poverty in Malaysia. As we know, in Malaysia, the level of poverty is still high and there are have families who live in low-in-rank…

We need to be insistent to those who are against our ideas to build up the development and promotions at Lake Tarapoto. Lake Tarapoto is such a wonderful place. And I, as a local government official of Columbia have thought deeply and had decided to choose Lake Tarapoto as our objective to renew it.

Example: we found that if Lake Tarapoto just be neglected like that, we could lose it also sooner. Who want to be a fool just let go the opportunity to get profit? It is just in front of our eyes now. Why not, we just develop that place and make it as one of eye of Columbia – a tourist`s view.

The most important is…the profits that come from this sector are not going into pockets of business entrepreneurs even ourselves as well. Instead, the money will be use to improve the standard of living of local people…or for charity.

Want a long term, sustainable and equitable solution to tourist development in the area:

Long-term here meaning that, want tourists to come at Lake Tarapoto for one whole year…so they can come and visit at anytime they want…

Because, the profits are much higher compare for just two months of the year. So, we would like to Local Ticuna Indian and Fernando Trujillo to rethink…think deeply and make the best decision.

Think of our benefits ….not only on your side...don`t be selfish…

About the problems that you had said just now…bout pollution, damages, destroy the ecosystem, domestic wastes…we will try to control/handle it by our own ways…example: we can get workers to look after the place – guards, cleaners…the safeties also will be guaranteed.

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