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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


hi peeps..thats so good to be here once again. so today, i went off to shop ! 

yup, shopping ? that sooo me :)

as i knew that PDI store and BRAND OUTLET have been opened at kbmall,
so what you waiting i never seen someone with your body...opsss tersasul lak. oh that seems that kbmall has been improved a lil bit. hoho..yabedabedu.

together with girlfriends

still waiting for cinema lol~ 

and i heard that FOS also coming to be opened soon !


Armiza said...

tumpang berblogwalking kat sini yea...=)


b..kat floor bape padini bkak??

mE iS aS said...

armiza : thx :)

zul: 1..kecik je..hehe

zumiela7 said...

nnt nk erk prosecutor princess tu..zaem dh tgk sinopsis beshh je..

aLia said...

wow,bestnya padini dah bkak kat kb!
x sabar nk shopping-shopping bila elaun dah msuk!

mE iS aS said...

zaim : best y amat..tmbah2 hero smat gilak !

k.alia : haa..jom2 la kite..t ajk as skali ea..xpuas ag ni pdi kecik je..brands outlet best n bsr.jnji murah...jmaat ni FOS lak bukak. pom bsr gak..