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Friday, December 10, 2010

:: LITTLE FINGERS Personal Calendar Giveaway 2010 ::

hehe, i found this giveaway at (click on the picture). such a creative idea she got. for those who would like to join, yes you may. as the creator wish 'kalo sudi TAG la rakan2 anda utk join giveaway yg x seberapa ini' opss sorry, copy your words. so to complete it, ive selected two pictures. which are the most meaningful pics i have. hopefully it will fix in the calendar. haha

first and foremost..the picture was taken during social study extravaganza grand dinner (fuh pnjg sgguh title nye) and the man sitting in the middle is my tutor. hehe. sempoi kan kami ! oyeah :}

next is. me together with my classmates. Girls Only ! haha. after finishing our performance for tarian endang.

with that, i think i have completed this giveaway. uploaded two pictures..what else...ohhh how i suppose to forget..okey...special dates in my life and its all bout family' birthdays
 15 Feb - mine
27 Feb - adam, my nephew
28 Feb - bro
22 May - bro
18 July - sis
9 Okt - dad
23 Okt -mom

p/s hopefully got the calendar lah. sgt cantek woo !