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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

half. sorry

siti qurratul aini ulfa binti rodin jaya has tagged me. in search for opinions. ok girl, i'd give mine.

1)sila beri pendapat anda tentang JELES, CEMBURU, SAKIT HATI, KEDEKUT dan EGOIS...
ok. first and foremost j e l e s. well i dont know much of this kind of feeling but i'll try into it. as for me, j e l e s and c e m b u r u, they are same. what make them differ just the spelling and pronunciation. hehe. basically these feeling would appear in L O V E situation. mostly okey ! i bet everybody know how and when kan. back to miss aini's question. sila beri pendapat...ok fine. in my view, it has pro and cons. i dont wanna talk bout cons here. just think it in positive ways. hehe. when someone u love get jealous of u. why she/he behaves that way ? must be a reason. first thing come out from my mind is, yes she/he loves u much much more rather than herself/himself. positive kan. haha. that is one case. 
how bout this one ? in f r i e n d s h i p ! hmm well i do feel that jealousy in friendship has more cons. hehe. when a friend has everything, surrounded by luxurious in term of car, iphone, branded LV bags, original Gucci watch and sunglasses, money, brilliant, a dean list, the most vital is she has a charming boyfriend. damn her ! see now. i am envious to her. but but but, its ok if i dont do anything. if not ? haaa..itu lah negatifnye. people will try to get her down by u know..telling others bout bad things, slander her, manipulate her, take-for-granted, unfriendly with her..etc lah !

 next s a k i t h a t i. 
(aci x lau aku continue nati blk homestay ni..hehe..xpacking ag ni..esk pg2 buta ag mau berangkat sudaa..kire aci la ek..will be continued)
2)sila tag 5 orang yang lain.. lebih banyak pendapat.. lagi bagus kan,... same2 kita ambik sbg rujukan.. dr sini kita boleh lihat jugak cara pemikiran  dan curahan idea serta pendapat yang berbeza..
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2 nana
3 ijat nuar
4 ili
5 jai


ijatnuar87 said...

udah balas...baca la deh...

mE iS aS said...

ok2..time kaseh...:)