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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Guess guess and guess

what was im doing yesterday ?

where was i ?

what i did there ?

with whom i was around ? readers..i'd like to announce here that i am now a beginner. &^%$ ?? hehee..ala bdak baru bjinak2 dgn alatan dapur ni lol. yesterday, i learned something from my friend. Something that open myself and tell me, yes cook ! cook ! its so easy and sooner or later u would like it. Or u have to cook. Well for your husband, kids .. I mean in future (wah pndai cover daa). Actually before this I had learned cooking from my mom. During fasting month this year. I still remember ive cooked ayam masak merah. Okey, please believe me. *wink Urgh fine. My mom had helped me. A lots. 

Yesterday, I made cup cakes !! hehe *big grin
 ok it is maybe out-of-date. ye lah. sume org tau buat kot. but biar lah. to me, it something new okey ! we made cup cakes by ourselves. ok to be honest, by referring to the instructions behind kotak gandum tu and together with websites that we browsed. It was so easy ya’all.

These are the pictures taken during the making of cup cakes..

Stir the mixture until light.. Due to absence of electrical mixer, using manually sudaa.

pour the dough into the cups.

Motif sgt kan. Haha. As a prove that we, three of us made it

Tadaa, ready to be baked

Err what is it ? cupcakes or kuih pau ? debushh, snyap lah kau. Hehe I didn’t know that it would be fluffy just like kuih pau. Ngeh3

Here is the result.

Ok I do accept any condemn. Biase lah, new learner kan. But trust me, the tastes are good okey. My dad and bro mkn kot. Just a lil bit keras my mom said. The rest was superb ! hehe owh maybe It was too much flour and im sure if I put one more egg, I’d fit it. Oh, why they have no decorations on top ? weird is it..we had decorated them but forgot to snap the pictures. So finally I did it. Very proud of myself. By the way, thanks to sifoo nana and co-helper dlah. Next is, cookies.


zumiela7 said...

mak zaem pown suke bat cupcake niey..sejak duk umah nie, tiap2 weekend buat..keje anak dye yg sorg niela tlg perlicin sume cup cake tu..hehehe

nana cHan said...

maybe butter kot kurang. dulu kazen nana wat guna sukatan butter ikut kotak tu, dia jadik berminyak. haha. yg jenama barang kita jgk best. tak yah ubah pape. nana punye next projek apple crumble :P

NuRuL aLia said...

best kan duduk rumah dapat masak-masak pastu dapat makan.

gEnEraL aRe-yiE aL-BaNjaRi said...

hehe...bgos2....pengisian cuti yg mnfaat....:)

mE iS aS said...

zaim : sgt best kan..tmbah2 y decorate nga aising tu..hahah..

nana : nk join !!!! t msj ek nk wak bile..i p butter nk wak choc lak ko fathi ngokngek..

kak lia : hahaha..mmg..kak lia mmg suke xbsr2..

fakhri: mmg bgs..'mnyihatkan' bdn

bella pinky said...

leh wat jaualn la nt kt asrama

mE iS aS said...

hahaha...jual? kasi free jek..haha