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Friday, December 24, 2010


hi u'ols. hehe..

actually....(sipu-sipu malu) dush dush. haktuihh..ngengade tol. ok2. straight to the point, i would like to congratulate myself for winning a contest held by tadaaa xmalu tol, msuk bakul angkat sndri

sesi kutukan tamat ! 

click here to view

alright, have u'ols saw it ? what ! cant be seen ? buta ke apa haa

fine..mine was no.57 ! 

hehe specially dedicated to my social girlfriends, we won darl  !!! :) when i get the calendar, ill hang it in our class okey. hehe (bsr ke kcik ek)

p/s teringat iklan ali cafe 'saya menang motor'..xpa lah..kini aku tukar, 'saya menang kalendar'. pakcik jgn jeles okey :p


ijatnuar87 said...

tahniah...aper adiahnyer?

mE iS aS said...

dpt personal clendar tu xsiap ag..nati eB akan poskn bile siap nati..

ijatnuar87 said...

owh...blh la post dlm fb nnt ek,hehehe