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Friday, October 16, 2009

a story of a shame

first shame was...bout my car..when i drove to kuala besut with buddies. out of sudden, it got a 'serious' prob..i tried to start the engine several times but failed to-do-so. three of us didn't know what to do..the watch shown at 7.05pm..agaga...
what -to-do??pe ag, terus call my saviour, amri..told him what happened and asked the solution for that stupid* prob..unlucky he didn't know neither then passed the phone to dayat...
he said maybe because of battery..the battery was empty or weak, sort of that.. are we going back???sya seemed panic and xsenang duduk...while zahraa eaten keropok udang...haha. both of the guy were coming and try to get us as fast as they save us..wah..
after 20minutes, they arrived. and dayat tried to adjust the wateva..dunno larh..then automatically, in a blink of an eye...the engine was started..yippie..
second shame was during on our way to back home..sempena deepavali's holiday..i dropped at caltex to isi minyak ler...but hehe..couldn't manage to open the cap and yet to isi the minyak la..then asked the pakcik nearby to help..double shame on me...buek probih boreh joh..kuang3

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