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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

debat bm??

when i was at melaka for english debate, my friends were involved in debat bm inter-unit at campus. but we kept connecting to each other to know the latest news. my class, ks sem1 had won the 4th place and one of the speakers, zaim is announced as the top ten best speaker-7th..congrats to him. thanks because bringing up our class..huhu
and last night, i watched the final round of debat bm. the match was between ks sem 3 VS dream was ntah pe2 debat to me because i didnt know what they were saying actually. haha.actually debat bm and english debate is very different.i found that debat bm is too skema and dont know lah..wateva~but i do learned from last night that being a debater whether bm or english it doesnt matter. the most vital is we expose to this world, learn, gain knowledge and try the best the win the competition.-pink girl is not one of 'em-(nyebokk jer)

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