Great souls endure in silence

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


how could you have done things things and live with no regret?
how could you not remember what you said, how could you forget?
how could you say you'd do it, and then never really follow through
but really, i just have one question to ask ... i just want to know, how could you??
is friendship fragile? it’s a really difficult question, please, try to think it over...any ideas?...On the one hand we should reply NO!!!...friendship is bond for life...we have friends all over the world...all of them are we most of us are...but we still have strong friendship for life...just not see or talk to each other each day...there are lots of mobile society these days, so we can be together in many many different ways..(this is the true as's thinking, sorry guys-negative me is just a fake)

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