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Sunday, October 11, 2009

a moment to remember

a moment to remember to him..and yet all of us.huhu
a surprise birthday party to anwar kamarudin. my classmate.
11/10/09-anwar, from 17 to 18...just one thing we want from u..plz plz plz be more matured(sesaje je, no words to say)
venue: cafe kaklong
time: 10.30
people: ks sem 1.
thanks guys coz willing to spend time together. and the reward is what eat eat zumiela did..3 pieces of cake.(well done).haha
the mastermind to this big plan is ** (secret recipe). and actually the plan goes like this. when i scrutinized the name list of ks.i saw the upcoming besday through their ic's. then 11/10/91 which is anwar..damn!(ops) when sha n i on our way to back to campus(by car), we had a plan.we discussing bout the flow and messaging with others.and lastly, great..just waiting for the time and HIM.after maghrib, me n zahraa went to bakery and bought a cake and stuffs.around 10 c'clock, we, girls prepared for the party but at the same time, we kept the surprise and acted like usual. COOL beb. he didn't expect anything unless just for lepak2 or powwow..then jeng3
SURPRISE!!! happy birthday to u...bla3...the most vital for this besday party was prank time!
here we go:nuar makes wish-plz let me fall in luv.hahabug amongs flowers

we girls
in the end of this party, nuar came out and gave his special speech dedicated to all ks sem 1...xley blaa...end~


zaim najmie said...

sedap yer perli aku pnye post... xkeysah la korg jeles x jeles.. yg penting walaupown sefeymes maner pown blog aku, xle lwn feymes en tulus lg cinta as is me wit a***...hihihihi...jgn marah as!!!

mE iS aS said...

with who?finish ur sentence..its hanging...hahhaha...kene ko zaim...

H.R PuTeRa YuSoFF said...

penghargaan paling berharga bagi satu persahabatan... ibarat air sungai... takkan berhenti cuma kadang kala perlahan

mE iS aS said...

betul tu abg jai..smuga ikatan ukhwah ni bkekalan bkn saje slama 5thn stgh tp selama lamanya...amin~