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Sunday, October 18, 2009

i supposed...

dear zumiela7,
i supposed to accept the fact that ur leaving us.
i supposed to support u in whatever ur decision is.
i supposed to happy with u.
i supposed to smile and say congrats to u.
i supposed to b by ur side and share the happiest moment in ur life.
i supposed to think positive although i don't know what might come in future..ops..we even don't know it.
i supposed to be proud of u because have got the offered.
i supposed to snap lots of pictures with u because ur gonna leave soon..
i supposed to force u to treat me nasi ayam dpn maktab tu..
i supposed to ask u to sing for me..lagu ct-mlwan ksepian.
i supposed to lepak with u at keluang beach. and lastly
i supposed to kill u...hua3


hafix said...

ape punya sajak da..
irony sungguh!

mE iS aS said...

haha..sajak ke...ntah aku pum taip je apa y aku rase tulus ikhlas dr ati sanubariku y kcil ni..huakaka.terbaek dr ladang woookk