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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


today,this morning i went to my former school-maher..rindu bangat!...we,six altogether for the first time met each other after we were in form5..that was so great!..we called it REUNION for sek 6 jahanam(sorry korg,cannot change the word)-ili,ida,yuni,nana,dlah n me-haha..its sounds better,i drove from home to take nana and dlah which are both live in pc..well,like usual,i am not pro yet in driving a thats y i was late..sorry ekk..huhu.hmm then, we arrived at schoolh around 10am.parked the car,gathered and serbu!!!-with teacher zamani-
first place was for sure, canteen rr..ish3..met teacher zamani, she treats us fresh orange, keropok and fish balls..and many other teachers that we had met:-with cg che rahmah-mom in law to-be(poyo jer)-
cg.TJ-y gantan
cg.hasan ali-xdop gg
ustazah norjehan-baek giler
teacher dz-suara lantang
cg abd aziz-persoalannye?
cg rusli jusoh-loyar buruk
teacher nik-hott!
cg zahari-masih sweet
cg zaki-knl ili jer
cg kamal-nevertheless

fuhh..rmai gak ek..haha,we entered the staff`s room..hmm a lil bit crowded with people walking around..teachers seemed busy with their works,i guess..and not forgetting,we also wet with our former friends..they continue to form 6 and now in upper six level.we kinda visited them.haha.miss u all..-syerida-me-jie-
the most wajib thing is snap,snap and snap..we love snapping pictures..every single of building and place,we took pictures..even with `him`..ish3
-dunno know who???-me and dlah-
-scandal who??--at tmn datin-
after that..around 12.30pm, we pum went home..and me..need to send nana and dlah to their totally, today i was so so happy and superb.thx u guys


uzailun said...

Dey lagih amik gambar ngan mural kambing...

Saya rasa rajin tengok gambar cium kambing.. Sapo ek?..budop 5 Haitam..

adLiNa said...

haha..yup3..what a superb day..yeay..

mE iS aS said... jelon?cium btl ke?

yup nana..hehe..sronak

uzailun said...

baru sy ingat, Qutaibah buat aksi cium mural kambing...cikgu Jamari mapuh dia sebab hantar gambar cium kambing...

bukan cium dinding, dia buat macam gambar awk tadi...

ili ~! said...

hope jd la picnix kita...
xpuas agi enjoy ngan korunk!


mE iS aS said...

haha..jd sy 2ns person wak aksi tue.kah2

sorry ili,as i said..reunion at maher was the last time we met..after this we r not gonna to meet anymore...just contact2 bleh la.