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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

123 here i come

1) to breaking dawn
2) to shah alam
3) to KL...
all three up there, here i come!!! a big WELCOME note to `em...hik3
now, let me explain one by one k
bout first point, i am trying to finish my eclipse(3rd novel of twilight) maybe it takes around 3 days more..huhu, then breaking dawn turn`s will be comes. it means i need to spend around rm50 on it. never mind, because its a novel where knowledge can teach doesn`t matter.
next 2nd, owh on 29th i`ll be off to shah alam rr..stay with my sis n bro for a while before go to KL for registration session. and what else?? shopping time!!love it so much. my dad had told me that just bought stuffs there..all right then
lastly, KL (dak key ell la pasni) kah3...specifically at cheras..before i continue more, let me tell u guys that i`ve got an offer from uitm, the U where i studied before...but the course was not good at all, i think (same to my family and her). so i didn`t accept it. oh forgot plk, the course was hotel management..(sounds good). the way, i`ve got another offer earlier..from KKM(ministry of health) for course radiology means x-ray..i`ve found that there are so many advantages of this..hmm..
~its under KKM
~i can have rm621 allowance monthly(ley r shopping sakan!!)
~other allowances such as, books, uniform, etc
~ free treatment from government hosp/clinic
~duration study is 3 years(same with uitm rr)
~guaranteed to get job because its under kkm already
hik3..but as usual rr, need to get high pointer as well..3 n above r

p/s-so, that all is about laa..actually, i`m still waiting for one more offer, from mktb r..ish3. it can be checked this 1st july..hmm


ili ~! said...

so ko nk p yg aner niey?uitm??

adLiNa said...

lorh duk sebut cheras..cheras..upanye dpt twran lain..ey ble as apply?ok la tue..mcm besh je..sbb dpt DUIT..haha..jeles2..nak gak duit..da pokai nih byar yuran yg sob3..mahal..

mE iS aS said...

ili-aku da tolak da uitm tu..huk3

nana-hehe,apply bln 3 lpas..dpt interbiu bln 5...hehe,n bleh..syukur

hehe,duit2...beware symbol of evil tu..kah3..