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Saturday, June 13, 2009


haha...due to my friend, jelon had posted his blog about his its my turn..
proudly present..this is YB datuk simB aka pokteh(nama glamour)..haha..he is the leader in my cat`s family..pure jantan..actually this photo was taken long time ago..before he reach his everythings is change..the colour for sure..not so white anymore..bkarat daa..kah3..this cat is so good because he just be at home when he wants to eat..after he is full, he`ll be around till he feels hungry for the second time...mostly he`ll be home for twice a dad really syg him..n he is kinda funny with his gaya tidur..the 2nd pic is when he suffered from `bekok keng`..just look at his cheek..kembung gler...
n this is mom`s cat...unique nose with socks..haha..she is beautiful with thick and soft wak dkap tdo mlm..kah3..she is the mother to her kids(mmg la)haha..dlah loves her..kan?hehe.i love her too and i suppose to say this...she`s not here anymore!!! dad had threw her away..far far far away from pity huk3..the 2nd pic is when she`s still virgin..(agah nk tdo ats tilam)..
now representing....A.B.U...abu..pokcek`s eldest son..haha..he has no longer live in this world because he was died in the dad accidentally tpijak nyer with his bike...inna...haha..syg2...
the youngest daughter produced by pokcek was named pokcek jr.(junior) is because just look at their faces..exactly similar mother like daughter.kah3..hmm this one i dunno la where did she go..still alive or not..but she`s not at home..

hmm..this one i do not have any of her pics..because i hate her..but later on i`ll put her pic so that u all can see..haha..TAPOK is her mom`s cat..all i know bout her is pregnant, pregnant n pregnant..ish3..gatai btl. she likes to eat friskies n drink milk even da tua..ngade2 btl.
this is tapok`s son..(muke cm pondan kan)..errr his name is NO NAME..kinda funny right..hmm dunno else bout him..died already.
ok..if u all can still remember...this is ikan paus aka lovely cat.he is so so fat..i love to see his eat and he loves to eat..ahha..he will never feel kenyang..that is why he became like this..every night he sleeps with me..i really really love him..he is sometimes penakut laa..when he heard other cats were fighting, he will running and hiding himself under bed or be with me..unfortunately when i was at kuantan...and stayed there..he was kind of merajuk laa..because nobody cares bout him he left home..till now,he is no where no be feeling cannot describes into words..he is the only one..


uzailun said...

kiut-miut belaka kucim...
kucim siam ada jugak?...

mE iS aS said...

kucin siam y poktam tu...y last sekali..kusim kg..kah3.