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Thursday, June 18, 2009


i am a dead body???NO!!!..
not yet..
after for 3days i was a zombie...
now i am back!
thanks to my friend, wawa because came to my house today and `slapped` me..woke me up from my craziness world.
actually, i was having a very bad pressure..i was tension.
i didn`t
go downs
i just kept myself in my bedroom..the only one who i did contact was my bestfriend, dlah...
she knows why i was like this.
my mom started to worry, she persuaded me to eat, asked me why i became like this...nothings changed.
hmm after the 3rd day, she bought me a huge doraemon and gave it to that time, i was lying on my condition was critical..but i didn`t smile nor talk..she was sad, so do i.
when my friends came in the evening, i woke up and went to get shower...we talked bla3...she told me that i shouldn`t be like that..she adviced me bla3...
we went to kfc and she did cheer me up.
and now, everythings back to normal..i was totally recovered..
thx buddy.

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