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Friday, June 26, 2009

na na na na na...

terengganu kite ...
unbelievable, woke up early in the morning just wanted to post blog.haha. desire is too high..(selingan shj)
hehe, why why this song??hmm
because i`m going there..ok..i had cancelled to go to cheras..guys!!! i`ve got mktb..gege(senyum kambing)
my future will be at IPGM KAMPUS SULTAN MIZAN soon..the place where i was being interviewed..definitely my future career is teacher/lecturer..
i am a teacher-to-be...better starts from the bottom, people says..haha
oh almost forget, the code for my study..hmm hold on (scrutinizing my inbox 1st)
yup, got it. S016COEMP..(ntah pe2)
so basically i need to buy lots of!!!what else, nk copim2 r..hik3
hmm i have been there once..i think the campus is ok laa..near the MRSM kota putra..beach, airport..but MALL??? (i dont think so)..kah3.
after this, no more social, cinema, lepaking...sorts of that.
from bdk key ell to bdk ganu.zizang rr.what a funny!

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