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Thursday, February 19, 2009

it comes again..

bullshit!!that sucks feeling come again..arghh..i surrounded with stress..feel ashamed with myself and friends..well he is quite kind guy but..uhh...i dont seems like im his victim..AGAIN??but why im always be like this??its not what i want..ok,maybe its my a gullible person-easy to trust somebody..and i take all those things lackadaisical..which mean,do not care what people say about the guy..well it is because what people say and the guy says are different..

ok,for example,a friend of mine which is my friend since we were child..he says that the guy is a playboy and never trust him.but the guy says to me that,he is not and sincere to me..arghh~things are getting messy now.i dont know who im suppose to trust.until yesterday i saw him....with....a girl..the girl is his girlfriend..actually,a month ago,he texted me and said that somebody wants i just answered,ler accept jer laa..because i just wanted to be friend with him not more than,after that day..i know he is taken but i dont know whos the girl..but yesterday,he and his gf went to watch movie..

why i felt ashamed of myself and friends??because for several times,me and him went hangout together,just both of us.even in the cinema..thats why i feel down..the thing is not gonna to happen like this if i be more careful and listen to what people say..last night,i cried..really stupid dumby..i called my bestfriend and told her everything..after cry and cry..i felt relieved and fresh again..from that day,the feeling of hate boys come again and im sure that this time it will remain for a long an antiboys!

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