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Friday, February 6, 2009

havoc week

this is the most havoc week that i ever have..really mean it..from 8 subjects,only one that not have damn busy!!the one that didn`t have assignment was basic principles in edu. by tuan hj..haha..the rest full!!..starting from monday till thursday..on mon-i have presentation and snipet on going to be partner with qila(the roommate).tue-ok this one is 3 in 1,college reading 2 by dr j.we gonna to have a quiz, an article bout environment and the most excited part is watch movie...the title is BEAUTIFUL the afternoon,we have IPA test aka phonetic symbols.uhhh..i can imagine how tiring it will  be.on wed-we have presentation on adverb..well,we still dunno who will be the presentors..haha,but its not ME!..i will just be the finder..haha...find the materials..and uhhh the most vital the evening,we all gonna to have STORY TELLING..arghh!!im dying..uhh,need to memorise the story and comes out with props and acts like the pro story teller..thu-the last class,college writing with mdm laily(bestzz)..she is our friend..journals and the outline of organ donation..after that.I PROUDLY WILL ENDED THE HAVOC WEEK....closed...

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