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Friday, February 27, 2009

an awesome evening!

this evening,we,all teslian students went to taman gelora beach to have some exercises with our beloved lec-that is mdm shima...ok,let me story u(ayt mdm roose),hua3..we,ladies began our journey,ceyy(journey nah,poyo btl bia 10mnt jah pum) at 5.15pm.when to kampus remaja first to take the boys then to taman time we arrived,mdm didn`t come,we do our own activities laa..what else,snapping pictures everywhere..some of them were mingle around..and me,just sit under the tree with my buddies nabil n yuni,since qila was absent due to period pain.
the first activity we did is,as usual,warm up.khalis was the leader and guide is,POCO-POCO...this requires the volunteers need to be in front to show us the steps.because,not remember maa,quite long not doing this.haha..hmmm,so naim afiq shazni n nik were the was fun and i got so so so sweet memories gang port the end of the line so that we can easily curi rr..beside me was wanie aka mak guard,haha..she made jokes all the time till we cannot focus to the poco-poco and at last we we just saw others doing.after that,chicken dance.this dance requires us to act like a chicken and the most vital is to gerak2kn our buttock..embarassing take safety,i didn`t do it..malu rr beb..hua3.but mak guard did it..hmm due to her size,it was funny when she shake her body..we laugh nonstopped,but she still do it..hahah..last activity was,bola beracun(poisonous ball kot)huhu..this is the most i goes like this,we need to make a big big as we could laa..and some people need to be chicks and get into the the rest will throw the poison ball to the chicks.i mean hurl the ball to the body that after kena tue,consider die laa..poison kn...hahah..
first groupo was,tesl A that is my class..we were the chicks..after one by one die,the last chick that left was me,uhh...kire sly chick rr..poyo jer..but at last died is class this class, my target was two person.nik and nazif..nik because his ego,ckp bsr i killed him.but nazif,i failed..he is so wild..several times i try to shot him,but mission incomplete rr..but at last he died jgk..someone had killed him but not me k..last was class,all the boys..again my target was nazif but still can`t do it..kebal glerr bdk nie..aish..and the last one is,the volunteers.and this one included mdm..uhh,so pe rr..and again i was the last chick that survive,and as usual died at last..ok,in this time,the revenge his target..haha..ciss,ok its motive k..just for fun..nizwan was the murderer,he killed me violently..haha..
to put in a nutshell,it was an awesome evening and i totally had fun with all my buddies..but he still didn`t talk to me..:( sigh~

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