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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

back stabber??

OMG!..the biggest lie that i ever heard and at last had been spread away..a life cheat,everybody believe it.EVERYBODY!..i dont know why she acts like that.she have abilities,she is smart,quite pretty,rich and can be said that she own everything.except love from a me,i think we dont need it.we can survive without a man.uhh~sigh~..this happened to my closet friends and me as well.actually that girl,let me give the name so that its easy to understand.hmm,SS.ok.before this,we and SS were so so so close together.we talked,laughed,eat together and be in a group of assignment.we dont know the truth.and truth came on feb,1st ago.when A (not the real name) told us that the real SS..we got shocked,really we were..the SS even condenmed me and all of us laa..only she is the perfect person in this world.she keep on to tell others by saying that

eee,as tu gediks laa...bla3..

argh.i was really pissed-off..feels like want to slap her face in public..who do not mad??not just me..but all of us.her classmates.the most vital is..her soulmate,bestfriend,roommate...i felt sympathy to her..some how i think that what is the motive she did all sort of these???oh,the funny is,she has feeling with one boy from our class..well,there have four boys in our class..guess who?hahah..cannot mention here..really funny..she has confessed to that boy that she like him..and u know what...hmmm,the boy had rejected her...oooo how poor she,starting from now,i dont want to interrupt in this case anymore.i`ll just listen only..well,im a good listener..dont want to get fight with anybody..i`ll just be myself and let the whole life(this problem) pass by me..i dont care anymore..ignore her...

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