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Sunday, December 21, 2008

met HIM...

thank you so so so much abg!!...what a great day today...huhu..went out to meet fathi..after a very long time we didn`t see each other...hmm last time we met..hmm if i not mistaken, last year..haha

we lunch at A@W..while he was eating the waffer, i was repairing his notebook...because there were some error problems occured in his i tried to settle them...well im not so pretty expert in this matter..but bley la sket2..haha..due to i need to rush home,so we just met for about almost 2hours..and my dad called,asked me to back home...ahha

"adk dk mano nih??balik!!"
~dk kbmol.ok.~
(haha,lucu sumguh dialog,haha)

unlucky,the process of installation antivirus and ym didn`t success yet,so i need to bring home his notebook..without the charger..haha..before we go home respectively..this is the time..exchanged the 'buah tgn'..he gave me a handbag..hehe..and i gave him a pdi t-shirt..brown in color..actually the shirt came out with,one for me and one for sweet! that.haha-thanks abg.actually this handbag,his mom bought in jakarta.really touched!hehe..i like it

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