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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

running of the money..

uhh.."no money no talk" : the proverb that usually use to describe when someone is running out of the money..

and i think that is suitable for me condition right now..i just realized that money is such an important element in life..without it, there is no mean..i cant go out with my friends..and it is really sucks. being at home 24 hours will ruin my mood..boring!!that is the best word.

i wanted to get job in town but my mom couldn`t let it..all she knows is, asking me to read and be at home..but im not blaming her. she`s my mom..the best mother that i`ve ever have.thanks God!

lately, in my purse just have coins only..haha..(how poor me are).it was my fault..because used the money unwisely..finished my allowance,hmm all the allowance! in my banks now,islam+bsn+maybank just left only around rm20 something each..

now let me be punished-pdm muke!


aiNi sObLi said...

when u ave sum money dont b boros2 person tau....try to b a saving gurl...
avoid frm shopping n hng out at shopping complex!!

mE iS aS said...

i try k...but u know tht,habit dies hard...i cnt prmise..haha..