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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ARGHH!!..its happend again

my sickness is back..uhh..really cant stand of it.yesterday i got an appoinment with speacialist from usm. ORL part.actually i have problem with my ears.i got that last year and till now it didn`t recover thats why i met the speacialist.but it doesn`t mean that i have sound lah..i still can hear sounds laa..

i do know what kind of illness that im having now..there are some liquid that flowing out from my ears..and that liquid are stickly and yellowish smelly..last night,i got that moment,i feel like im dying.its really horrible.because well,im not ready for sinful!

i hope that i will recover soon.i fed up with medicines that i need to take them almost everyday.three times a day..uhhh


aiNi sObLi said...

hey!!whts going wit u dalim??
y u didnt ever tel me about ur healty?
so really hop dat u get well sOonnnnn....
b patient dear!!!

mE iS aS said...

actually i got fatal health prob..

aiNi sObLi said...

wat kind of health pRob dear???

mE iS aS said...

uhh ado la...secret r nk gtau...its too personal...u dun worry k...i`ll b fine sooner or later..haha