Great souls endure in silence

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Monday, December 8, 2008


as usual i didn`t go to solat raya...i woke up a bit late. without taking my breakfast we rushed to B.Abal (my mom`s village). my dad has a part in qurbaniah there. i wore green baju kurung on that day. it was a drizzy day..and it brings the situation of qurban a little harder. while waiting for the qurban when to the end, i met my cousins..ilah and kaklong.

we took a few pictures and played some lighthearted moment. late evening, back to home and after maghrib..when to PC (dad`s village),because at night there has majlis tahlil..for my late grandpa

after that, got online..

conclusionly, my raya was just ordinary like others..huhu

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