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Sunday, December 7, 2008

raya`s night...

hehe..the hilarious moment is coming now..that is RAYA HAJI aka RAYA QURBAN...or as know as in villagers,"rayo meleh lembu"-haha..the best part is my sis+bro will be back soon...opss they were already here laa...

compulsory event that we might held was barbeque. commonly after the qurban, we will prepare all the materials to start the barbeque.

hmm the most part that i really love is 'perut lembu'...huhu but to my mom that is the hardest part to be clean..because all the dirties in it. so it takes times to clean it and make it white and odourless. a day before raya comes,my family had went back to village. but a little bit disappointed because my cousin,seli also didn`t back to celebrate the raya..same goes to raya aidilfitri..he needs to work..pity him!haha..with juki the only one is enough to cheer us up..he kinda funny guy..

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