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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

kerna terpakse

 note : this entry was requested from someone. he asked me to write about what had happened last night.

time : 11 pm to 12am
location : 102-C
topic : aish mcm2 lah

as last night was the last for my free call. btw thanks to celcom. haha. i called him for first time. before this, we rarely talked on phone. very rarely. i mean it. when he called me, i didn't pick up the phone, instead i just looked at it and let it rings. ringtone sy besh ! jht kn sy ;( LAST NIGHT, we talked for about an hour. lots of stories came out from us, as the mouth uttered the stories..the tears keep falling down from my eyes.. non-stopped but within a few minutes later, it stopped..haha..buat malu jer. i told him bout my problem regarding SBE, yg mule2 mmg jahanam. sbb SBE lah three of us.. me,ct and nadia cried. yup we did ! and zaim got miserable owing to that. haha..back to the base, he had comforted me with his silly jokes. even it was silly at least i laughed last night was awesome ! thanks to u ;)

p/s ha cmne,puas ati x ?


zumiela7 said...

its ok fren (refer to francisca peter yg feymes ngan lagu kerna terpaksa)hehehe..3 of us can plan for next sbe at shah alam..maybe next sem or next year..we still hav a lot of time buddy..

mE iS aS said...

haaaa lupe lak kan..ade byk ag sbe..ok2......ade pluang kita wak same2...nati bsr sket ea...