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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


one more special day in my calendar after yesterday is today..bape kali 'day' daaa..haha. sengal tol ! 
praise to God, up until now we are still close 'friend' for 5 years since 16 feb 2006 - 16 feb 2011...wahh congrats to us ;) so as i google'ling, ive found these lorh


5th Anniversary Traditional Gifts
The element that is associated with the fifth year of your relationship  is wood. These elements represent connectedness between partners. Frame a picture of both of you in a wooden frame and share it with your partner. ( ok2 noted ! alamak gmba berdua pum tadaa lorh ) A wooden artifact or decorative key chains are also romantic gifting options. 

5th Anniversary Modern Gifts
As per the contemporary thoughts, silverware is reminiscent of 5th anniversaries. Keeping this in mind you can select from options like silver vases, silver frames, and silver showpieces. If your partner loves oriental architecture, a mirror in silver frame with similar patterns would be attractive gifting options.

5th Wedding Anniversary Color
The colors that rule your 5th anniversary are the shades of pink, turquoise and blue. ( pink tau2 jer ) Decorate your room and house with these colors if you feel like. Similar colored wallpapers or paper flowers and festoons will give your house a new look. (oh kire umh masing2 la ni)

5th Wedding Anniversary Flower
Daisies are the symbol for your 5th anniversary. They symbolize loyalty and innocence. A flower bouquet with daisies and other blooms is a welcoming anniversary gift for your partner. 

5th Wedding Anniversary Ideas
The ways in which you would celebrate your anniversary is indeed grand. Let us go through some celebration ideas that you can choose from:-

  • Gift your partner a wooden jewellery box. 
  • If both of you have purchased a new house, a wooden nameplate is a beautiful romantic gift. ( aish maju tol yg ni ) 
  • Watch a movie or a theatrical performance together. ( kire yg lps tu, for anniversary r ea ) so this one DONE  !
  • Set up a candle light dinner at the roof top. (aish bumbung mane jd mangsa ni, skip dlu r yg ni) 
  • Listen to each other favorite music numbers together. (sng jer) 
  • Make anniversary chocolates or cookies together. (errr beli je la) 
  • If your anniversary is on a weekday, then keep the following weekend for a romantic getaway to a nearby place. (tggu cuti lorh) 
  • Solve love puzzles together and take compatibility quizzes. This is fun, as you get to spend time together and know more about your partner. (cm bdk2)
  • Set up a dinner for two in the garden area beside a fireplace. (kire y kua jumpa minum2 tu r ea) again this is DONE
  • Gift your partner a wooden wine rack. (astarufirullah..nauzubillah) 
  • If you want to pamper your partner start the day with by stuffing a small wooden box with some chocolates, a love letter, a small picture of both of you and a romantic book and give it to your partner. ( pom mcm bdk2 ) haha..padahal xromantik..ok sy mngaku, sy xromantik 

*Age is no constraint when it comes to celebrating our anniversary. On our 5th anniversary make the most of the moment and rekindle back the old memories. 

p/s lbh suke menggelarkan hubungan kami sbg kwn rapat istimewa aka TTM (teman tp mesra)...wahh cm artis plk !

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