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Saturday, May 30, 2009

true friendship begins

last night was a very special night to me. my friend`s friend, Firdaus and I made our night awesome. we had made the friendship became something alive till i found that it hard to find this kind of friendship.Maybe that`s what we call, true friendship. how do i know him? well actually, beginning of this year, my former friend, Nik Aliff asked me to meet at Billion. and that day he brought together with him was a friend to accompany him. that was Firdaus. so,there i started to know him and till now we become closer and closer. we texted each other in every single day. but just sometimes when he`s not busy with his studies. because this year,he`ll be sitting stpm..i wish him the best of luck.
hmm back to our night, we recalled back how did we know and he mentioned the person who responsible to this that is, Nik Aliff..yes,he`s the only one who introduced Firdaus to me..and vice versa..because of him, me and Firdaus now are friend. so, i made suggestion that lets text him and saying thank you so much for what he had done to us. he agreed and he added to make similar short message and send to Nik Aliff..haha..make him surprise..
here is the sample of message
salam,thx for be the one who introduced Firdaus to me..(mine)
salam, thx for be the one who introduced As to me..(him)

haha..and yup,our sangkaan was true..just for a few seconds, he replied to me..
hah?whats wrong with u both...
me and Firdaus just LOL...we did it!!..end up with this, thx for being my friends..

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