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Monday, May 18, 2009

miss this blog so much!!

arghh,long time of not posting blog here..a lot of things i missed..some i already forgot and some i still remember...huhu...ok,to start with what i remember,

on 26th-i had a teaching programme for primary school at kuantan...the purpose of teaching is to promote the usage of English among pupils..

next,that night,i went home..on 28th-dlah`s birthday.i misses that date and late to wish her..sorry darling!on 30th-got maktab`s interview at kuala terengganu..ok..end all the activities in april..

start with 3rd-got spa8`s interview at klinik tendong. on 5th & 6th-hangout at kbmall,alone..huhu..that night, back to campus..7th-hangout with wawa and qila at megamall and day-continue with lepaking..searching for the stuffs..on 8th-got tesl farewall dinner at vistana..10th-last paper for listening..11th-muet speaking...and..MERDEKAA!!!!

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