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Thursday, May 21, 2009

it hurts me

late night...his sms had hurt me and made me sad all day...i thought that i wouldn`t contact with him anymore but i can`t do,i am sms`ing with him...

here are the messages between me and him

abg:jom kua ptg esk,minum2..
as:esk??xleh rr..nk balk pp
abg:ish,ala jom r
as:xleh r..xtau sempat ke x ptg esk ni
abg:wateva laa..byk tol alasan..nk ajk jmpe pum ssh..da mcm vip da
as:(after read it)-terlopong for awhile..xde mood da..just texted nitez


yesterday, he texted me and said sorry for what he did..i said nevermind..already forgot(btl ker?)haha..

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