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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1st date after 6months

we met at mcD kbmall around 12 pm...i really miss him and that day, we talked a lots of things, any topic that came across our mind..haha, he`s not change at all, still the same. he wore orange t-shirt and i like usual, brown one..
when i was at the parking space, i texted him ask where is he now..he replied by saying that he`s in front of ogawa...oh ok then...i entered the entrance and straight away to the location..haha..then i saw a guy was sitting on the long chair near the counter y bulat tu..kah3...its him..wah, still the same..he was reading the newspaper..and i smiled to him.we were sitting and facing each other..hehe really happy at the moment..we toured the mall,walking and looking at surrounding..and we ported to get rest at mcD..having launch...basically,about 3 hours we met that day and it was enough to show our loves respectively...that we were really missing..just imagine 6months without meeting, just contact through messaging and him,i would like to say..a bunch of thanks for everything..

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