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Sunday, May 11, 2008

no more LOAFING,huhu

Tallest and `naughty` (lied to cg BM...That event will always in my mind)

Red hinata
My best friend for loafing around. We are always being together. Spare much time each other. At that moment, I was really enjoyed. Thanks girl! You are an easy outgoing person. A talkative. I like you. Huhu…My last words to you, dlah aka B (just nickname between two of us only k).Congratulation because have made your decision to go to matriculation. Hmm Kuala Nerang right?? Yup. So, take care there. I hope you success in your study and life as well. Make sure your ambition to be a pharmacian comes true. Do remember me and let’s keep in touch my dear. Although, we are too far, but our friendship will long lasting. Haha…Last but not least, do not let your whole body being in love. I mean with different sex ler. Huhu… remember our agreement about the status that is single mingle but not available. After we were graduated, then this agreement wills automatically gone k…huhu.Thanks because be my sporting friend and I’ll miss you a lot. Damn you. Good luck girl!

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