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Sunday, May 11, 2008

miss u all!

Lastly, smallest, funniest and cutest

You girl, I do not really worry. Because I am sure that, you will be able to manage yourself in matriculation of Penang. But, I really2 hope that, you will be fine about stay at hostel. Before this, you have already got homesick when we are stayed at hostel in Maher. If I not mistaken, just for one month. Hehe

But, I knew that the hostel there is different from here. You are a genius girl.
We are being close friends since we were in form 3. At that time, we were classmates. Our homes also just nearby.
My last words to you,
Study hard and best of luck in your life. Hmm do not let your love feelings against study. Haha. Hope your relationship with that guy will last forever.
May your ambition to be a plastic surgery doctor will come true.
And if I want to get your treatment, do not asks for payment k...just free of charge, friend `kam`..

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