Great souls endure in silence

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Monday, May 5, 2008

my ch0ice=my life

fr0m n0w 0n,there is n0 m0re c0nfusing+hesitating due to my decisi0n...after one day,i was thinking,thinking and keep thinking till i`ve g0t headache t0 s0lve this kind 0f pr0blems.then, this taught decisi0n that i choose wiLL change my life starting n0w...after thinking deeply and saying prayers t0 G0d the Almighty..i`ve made my 0wn verdict that,i`m g0ing t0 further my study at UITM in f0undati0n 0f TESL course...i h0pe that,this is the best ch0ice t0 me.g0d willing and praise t0 g0d..amen

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