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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a perfect night

telling u the truth, for the rest of my life, i haven date someone seriously..but starting last would change everything..he made my heart pumping so he??hahhaha..a little la(still ego)

i always dream about having a candle light dinner with a guy(for sure la)..and last night was the night where he and me got together..just two of us..i felt like err..god, what should i do??he made it..he did it...dear, why u did it to me?and why me?all those questions were flying in my head..and im speechless..i will remember of what had happened last night.i swear to i in the real world?i have nothing to say anymore except im starting to heart u syg..

p/s having candle light dinner at 20 age.awesome is it?


zumiela7 said...

tumpang gembira weyy...hehehe

mE iS aS said...