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Friday, April 30, 2010


i am disriminating the outsiders??
hell no..
last night, senior told me that, ur geng are in the list of.."sek puok2"
and i was seriously shocked like hell..hahah..
we laughed after heard that hot kerr?? 
here, i am on behalf of seepy geng would like to thx to those who are talking bout us..wahhh, femes gak seepy ni..haha.
it is just coincidence that we are from the same state..we are not choosing to be friend by looking at state or status or, hmmm 
a) wauu she is rich lets be friend with her..
b) look at her, so beautiful..
c) eeeuuu she's org luar..dont be friend with her

i tell u olls, what is the matter to pilih kasih smpai cmtu skali...what will we 4-flat??bullshit!
i really pissed-of when all of these happen to me..really want to confront with the people who say like that..meh rr...ape barang ckp blkg2..dayus kerr????opsss...ahha


zumiela7 said...

maybe sbb as sokmo ngan seppy kowt??? 2 cume pndpt abg eiym je...

mE iS aS said...

abg eiym...myb la kot....hahahaha...

adLiNa said...

isk3. diorang jeles kowt. nop join geng as jgk. hihihi :p

mE iS aS said...

tu la psai..xabeh2 jeles....suke ati kite la ek...nk sgt..meh r kwn ..kn3..

Anonymous said...

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