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Sunday, April 25, 2010

bye bye debate

that night we were having an audition session for debaters. da new one. after he took over the admin for english orienter club aka debaters..he ruined everything..(sory,hehe)...well actually it was just a simple adjustment in management. he had chosen 6 best speakers to be participate in tournament.. for around da corner is PISZA open. so the selected are sis beth, sis nina, qis, adam, jeff and sis yoe..congrats guys!
and i was not the chosen one..(not like him: da chosen one) :P not sad instead, glad to be leftover..thx God.speaking da truth.. i started to fell stress in first, we were debating just suke2 aje..but when he comes, everything seem different..going to be serious and more serious..uhh stress la gini..:(

for da next tourney which is in merlimau, around August..i wanna go!food!

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