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Thursday, January 8, 2009

laundry time!

[Record scratching sounds]
Yo, brother A to Z
Yo, whassup B?
Yo, what time is it?
Haha it's laundry day

uhh,a bundle of clothes..used clothes!,today,i do not have any class, woke up at 7..prayed subuh,got online till now,do downloading for the latest songs,having my breakfast( just with milo cereals and bread)..i think its enough la for this moment..haha

i handwashed all the clothes because here still not have washing machine.kak nisah told that,maybe couple of week more we`ll receive those awards..haha plus astro and water cooler..COMING SOON!,while waiting for that precious comes,i need to use my soft hand and sacrifice a lil bit..

hmm,friday,saturday and sunday will be my most boring days..because its class!but then, those days are suppose to be my study+revision+assignments times..this sem,i really really need to struggle so that i can get better result and being place in B.Ed Tesl far as i know, it was really hard to get there..example,our senior last year,only one who got there..that made me so so nervous and frightened..arghh

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