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Saturday, January 31, 2009

back to campus..

tonight will be the night that i`ll leave kelantan..over again...dont make me change my mind..i would leave to kuantan...lalala....hahaha...(rosak lagu!)..huhu
today, i spend rm150+rm30+rm20=rm200 laa...uhh
i bought perfume from the body shop at kbmall, and then went to al-ikhsan to but bag adidas and slipa the evening,i took laundry and shopped some altogether almost rm200+ laa..uhh..when i think back again..uhh OMG.btl ke aku ni???ive not done my packing yet because there were so many things that i wanted to bring along with ticket is at,i think i`ll sleep first and then wake up maybe at 12.30am-rushing to the bus station..just near my house..5minutes way..really2 near.believe me..haha.about the assignments..proudly i would like to mention it here that...none of them were so so lazy..dunno why??
lastly,take care mom,dad and long and good bye!!

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