Great souls endure in silence

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


at last,he forgive,everythings back to normal more qoute I HATE BOYS..haha...poyo btl laa..
actually, i thought that he dont want to forgive me and both of us will be enemy for such a long time..i feel like depressed because i dont want to be like that..u know,study in the same class and he is my class rep..dont talk or even smile..just bmasam muka jer..its not fun! so,how we gonna to do assignment together sooner or later..i mean for drama class..for sure boys will mix with the girls. two days ago,i open my page(fs)..and saw comments..its there..he send me a comment.saying that sorry bla bla that moment,i feel relieved and relax..haha..and i replied him back... more fighting..thx

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