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Saturday, December 22, 2012

now my turn to feel it

my situation is similar to this ;

now i noticed that life is like a wheel
always turning, always evolving
sometimes you fall down, sometimes you deflate,
but you always manage to keep going, supporting others, and staying strong
some journeys are longer than others
some are bumpier than others
but the load of life is a lot easier to bear with a few friends helping out
that is why friends are so valuable to me instead of family members
i need friends to keep me moving ;)

there is a saying,

"Life is like a wheel, sometimes you're at the top, sometimes you're at the bottom. The world turns."

if that ain't happen, we can never appreciate our life on top if we never be at the bottom. we can never be so strong if we didnt have any hardship in our life. (now it happened to me)

so, no matter what happen to you, be thankful. be thankful to Him for the bless that you have. be thankful for the sorrow that will make you stronger.

life is like a wheel. either you are up, or down. it is a matter of perception. sooner or later it gonna pass by. *padan muke aku !!!


Cik Aifa said...

be strong and be tough..
i know u can do it

Anonymous said...

haha. padan muka as ! padan aku jugak !
p/s: kawan cute asmidon

mE iS aS said...

aifa : hahah.thx dear..lets strike for nxt yearr..

kudik : cute la sgt !! hahaa..padan muke kite..haah