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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

act like a business woman

thank you to my abah
for willing to lend me your credit card
so yesterday, it was awesome

 as usual, my hot girlfriend accompanied me ;)

going home around 630pm

 presenting my new sport shoes..hehe
mklum la new sem ni ade pj..

also bought various color of shawls

then, sent dlah back but before that, dropped at burger stall and bought 2 chicken burgers..for my mom n myself lol..and reached home around 7pm..woo xpnah lwat cmni. FYI, my mom didnt scold me.haha..(pndai tol ambk hati nga burger tu)
like father like daughter **


pandazemoo said...

arrr,, jeloz2..

ako pom mou cai kasot baro nim...

mE iS aS said...

hahha..hoorey..aku n fezal da beli kasut br..ko beli2 jgn xbeli...aku suggest mu beli puma..lawa nk mmpos..