Great souls endure in silence

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

to him

okey this short entry is for you

i know that you would read this sooner or later. it doesn't matter. at least i have tell you here. i know that i am supposed to be blamed all the times. not contact you, not reply your messages, even once, not reply your comments or private messages in fb, also even once, not pick up your calls. sorry for my silences. i just hope that you are doing fine there. do not worry about me, because i am so so so good. please stop thinking negative, i am not hate you. we are still the same as before. if you are going to continue doing all these, go on. but sorry to say, i am not respond to any. gimme times, gimme space, gimme some chances to miss you. hope you understand. maybe one day i will contact you. just let the fate decides.