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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

because of u by miss A

last night, it was something terrible happened. before this, it had been so long i didn’t quarrel with someone. Maybe there were some reasons behind these. I am so sorry for my bad tempered. 

Because of u:

Because of u…I started to be closed with u, ya I know that we were closed before. I mean lately we are getting much closer. Don’t u think so ? can’t u see that ?

Because of u…I started to gain some weight. I don’t mind about my appearance anymore. I put my ignorance for what people saying.

‘ hey as, bakpo koho gemuk ni ?’ 
‘tembam, debok etc’

Guys, I don’t care lah. i used to call myself ‘tikus mondok’. Even you had called that name. Really. Haha. You wanted me to look fat right ? hoorey I did it.

Because of u…I smiled a lot. A bundle of smiles I have thrown onto your face everyday. You told me that you like my smile so I give them all.

Because of u…I inspired to go to class. (yg ni nmpk benor mnipu,xpelah.kasi sedap ayat)

Because of u…I jogged in the evening up until the beach. Usually I only jog around in the campus.

Because of u…I am willing to hurt myself. Eventhough you made me wounded, but that was fine. It wasn’t your fault. I have to blame myself. If I didn’t chase that ball, then it won’t happen yet getting injured at knee.

Because of u…I have watched Hindustan film which I never watched it before except for once. 3 idiots was my first Hindustan film that I watched fully. Last night, 3 hours straight away I watched Kal Ho Na Ho. The film that u asked me to watch with my heart. It touched my heart dear. Thank you. 

Because of u…I slept very late last night. Due to Kal Ho Na Ho, I slept at 130am. That was awful to me. My best record just at 12am. 

Because of u…I cried sobbingly. It had been so long I didn’t cry.

Because of u...i am so envy. You such a diligent guy. I know that exam is around the corner, but I don’t have any exam mood yet. Oh gosh, wake up noorasmad. You please wake me up. Haha. That is why im so jealous to u. u have study much, make notes, do revisions..arghh 

Because of u…im running out of credit now. Damn it..hahha



eiymnajmie said...

aigo noona..fallin in love suda. pasnie segan oppa nk join skali..takut ganggu dating..huhuhu

mE iS aS said...

hey oppa...misunderstood ea...not fallin in love la such things..