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Thursday, August 19, 2010

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ohh today, i went home around 7.45 never late before. because usually, on thursday, right after class..zasss mesti lesap pnyerrr..err sometimes even the lecturer didn't go out yet..when he was signing for register, i'll go to him and say...thank you sir, have a good day! ;) today, me together with 3 more friends went to jerteh..(jerteh je pom) yer r..invite to shop at kb xnk..but never mind. haha..just drove there and bought a few stuffs for raya lol..but still cannot lawan with shopping at kbmall rr..and sorry to him because i have to cancel the plan for last minute. even die terasa pom. what can i do? ala..still got times kn..its just 9th in Ramadhan. 21 more days to go. rushing back with aini by my mr Ken WHX 1949 (ye ker??) speeding up till reaching 12o km/h..hoping that i can arrive home before berbuke..but hampeh..just drive-thru kfc snack plate with a glass of mountain dew..


QuRrAtUl QuAiFa.. said...

weh... WHQ ke WHX????

mE iS aS said...

aaa la kan...aku sndri lupe plat..hahhaha

Anonymous said...

120 je???slow lg 2....hehe

mE iS aS said... sy laju la tue...haha..b4 dis,xpnah kot bw selaju tu