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Monday, February 1, 2010

i sang a song to u

even we are just friend..not more than that...but the only thing that i know is..i love him..i like him..kindness, funniest, slamberness (ade ke)..haha..seeing his face make me calm and laugh..when he called me, i would laugh non-stopped.sorry yang..huhu...he such a funny guy..but i know that, we are not gonna be more than friendship..we are comfortable enough with that relationship so far. when he asked me..
do u want me?
that moment i felt like my heart gonna go out from its location and drop down.haha..kesok la ore pggil..
i replied: yes i do..but sorry i cant go further..and he understood me.
so now, we just declared as TEMAN TAPI MESRA..huhu..he act just like 'abg'..and i am not deny that i have heart feeling to him..cuma..not as couple..
my mom told me earlier that, searching for soulmate..remember these criteria
same negeri..which is kelantan..doesn't have lots siblings and if he is the youngest, is better laa. rich/poor doesn't matter..and the most vital is..beriman..ceyy...checking how many times he khatam quran..huhu..
and today, in class..i decided to sing a song to him..chorus part only..during my acting in bm class..
aku cinta kpdmu..syg kamuuuuuu!

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