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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


were they qualified be called as FRIEND?...yes, maybe but not as bestfriend or real friend~giggle myself..hahah

'laughing friends are everywhere but crying friends are hard to find'. this Malay proverb holds very true in reality. i just realized that after the incident happened. they are like the startling starts that decorate the blue gigantic sky. they sparkle in the dark and light us up during darkness. chewah, wallawehh. friends can bring cheer and happiness to no bound. nevertheless friends can hurt and destroy your feeling and emotion. they endless bring tears to you. so choosing friends are meticulous and time consuming. never be miscalculated by the 'outer' attitude. know your friends in and out in other words know the color of the dress they are wearing not forgetting also to know the real shape of their heart!!!
this intro taken from my essay entitled FRIENDS

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